DSC_0804 Besides budget makeup brands, drugstore makeup brands and high-end makeup brands, there is a catogorie we should not forget the absolute: professional make-up brands. In terms of packaging often these products are not too pretty (sometimes just a tad cheap), but the pigmentation is great. I thought it might be nice to have a talk about the professional brands I enjoy working more, and where in the Netherlands (or in a case abroad) You can find these. For though these products are designed for professional purposes, certainly not that you can not use them at home means!

The difference between ordinary’ makeup and pro makeup
Professional make-up is made with a purpose: it gives the best results during a shoot or show. With a foundation of a make-up brand is therefore very important that he stays all day and that gives an effect especially on the photo or catwalk is quite nice. Of course it can happen that you mark a foundation encounter that's perfect for you in a make-, but remember: of this foundation is to provide / hydrating the skin only an afterthought (or does it even does not matter).

The brands that I discuss in this article you will encounter in the kits of many make-up artists and make-up artists. Of course, that does depend on the type of make-up artists; anyone who prepares or celebrities make-do for RTL News, expected to have a suitcase full of brightly colored Kryolan aqua colors. But someone who works for a magazine like VOGUE or ELLE, often does use a lot of these brands.


One of the most famous makeup brands is undoubtedly Kryolan. Kryolan is used by makeup artist and make-up artists, because the brand has a lot of makeup in her collection. The appearance of Kryolan products is not to write home about, but the pigmentation is simply fantastic. I have a supra color palette, an aqua color palette and a TV Paint Stick Kryolan in my stash, The concealer palette is still high on my wishlist.
Kryolan musthaves: supra colors, aqua colors, TV Paint sticks, derma colors.
Where to buy: Backstage (Rozengracht, Amsterdam).

Ben Nye
If you have a lot (American) make-up tutorials op Youtube kijkt, you've probably already heard about Ben Nye. Ben Nye has an extremely wide range, including foundations in literally every shade that exists. The eyeshadows are really beautiful, with both colors with lots of shimmer and matte shades. On my wishlist is the Fair Foundation Palette Ben Nye!
Ben Nye musthaves: eyeshadows, foundations (especially very light and dark foundations), powders.
Where to buy: Backstage (Rozengracht, Amsterdam).

The most famous professional makeup brand is undoubtedly Mac Pro. The regular MAC collection is of course fantastic, but I think everyone who has ever been in the MAC Pro store was quite impressed by the amount of brightly colored Pro products. I'm really crazy about Mac Pro and am busy trying to fill my whole kit with MAC!
MAC Pro musthaves: pigments, lipstick palettes, concealer palette, Paint Stick, Lipmix, Sculpting Powder, Face & Body (wit), lege palettes.
Where to buy: MAC Pro Store (Heiligeweg, Amsterdam)

Maq Pro
Professional Makeup, abbreviated as Maq Pro, is a French make-up brand with a shop in Paris. In Makeup School House of Orange, we made a lot of use Maq Pro; a large part of our kit consisted Maq Pro products. The foundation palette and concealers are not normally good, The eye shadows and lip palettes I personally would skip.
Maq Pro musthaves: foundation palette, compact foundations, concealer palette, brushes.
Where to buy: Maq Pro Store (Paris).

Make-up Studio
Make-up Studio is a brand of Dutch soil, with lots of colorful products. I'm especially a fan of eyeshadows, highlighter mousses en losse pigmenten. Make-up Studio has moreover just opened a new store in Amsterdam, where you can enjoy all your makeup addict fine!
Make-up Studio musthaves: eyeshadows (matte), loose pigments, highlighter mousse.
Where to buy: Backstage (Rozengracht, Amsterdam), Make-up Studio (Heiligeweg, Amsterdam).

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